A school is the first stepping stone for a child. It is here that every child leaving the circle called family comes out to face the society for the first time all alone without any family member beside them. Though some kids struggle initially, soon they get to love the school and the teachers who teach them. It is the teacher’s love, many friends to play, schools equipments and attractiveness towards learning something new, brings the kids back to school everyday.

A school is a mini society where the students are exposed to many other children mostly of their own age in the class and also to other students who are a year or a few years elder or younger to them during the assembly, the interval, while entering the school and returning back home. School is a place where a person can find the future sirs, madams, punes, labourers, bussines men, doctors, Engineers, scientists, etc. can be found seated together without any difference. Teacher are gifted to handles all types of people without any differents as kids in school. It is here where a student gets to know what is unity, diversity, ability, capability, togetherness, forgiveness, good, bad and many more. With love every teacher handles a mini innocent society at school.

As the proverb says Teachers are the second parents and Parents are the second teachers. Every teacher becomes a mother or a father for the students in school and every mother or a father becomes a teacher at home. The only difference is that a teacher has many kids in the class whereas the parents have one or two or three or maximum four kids at home to handle. Parents and teachers have equal responsibility in developing the children. That is why parents are called teachers and teachers are called parents.

The activity of being a mother in school is more important for a teacher mainly because, once a teacher enters a school he or she is not only the parent for their kids alone but for their respective classes. Every year even if the students change, a teacher gets to know about every child in detail or atleast to some extend in the begining of the year and thus teaches students with love and care. If the students are weak in certain lessons, attention is drawn towards it to help them improve. Teachers also take special care about the students who score less in an exam mainly ti help them score more in the next exam.

The activity of being a teacher at home by the parents is very important for the child so that the child will not only learn his or her lessons but the parent will also know what the child knows… As days go on, the parents will begin to know what the child is interested in and what the child is weak at. Accordingly concentrations can vary and the weaker subjects can be focused more for better improvement which will improve the child not only in studies but also in confidence. But in many homes we find that parents are working and so they do not have much time to spend with the children. More over students are left with nannies or crushes or to neighbours and friends. Unless parents or grandparents take care of the kids, the touch of parental love and affection will never be felt by children.

Schools not only help in studies, but also in other extra curricular or co-curricular activities as well. Many inter-schools, state level competitions are held now and then to exhibit the talents of the students. Exhibitions, Parents day, Sports day and other activities in schools almost every year also build the personality of the students. Many elders will be nostalgic about their school days because every individual would have enjoyed their school days very much. That carefree life and that enjoyable moments wil never come back again. But the students in a well equipped school will never realise this until they leave the school and move on to college and jobs. School is the basic strong foundation for a Home Sweet Home called LIFE.